Genetically Engineered Cuisine

The vast majority of American food and beverage products have nasty little secrets. You may be surprised to find out that even large, unsuspected, corporation such as Coca-Cola used genetically engineered additives in their products. The words ‘genetically engineered’ can raise thoughts of laboratories, test tubes, mutations and gene splicing. This is not too far from the truth. By altering the genetic make-up of specific organisms a bio-engineer can actually create a patentable creation from a non-patentable thing, such as potatoes. Since items that come from nature are vulnerable to illness, and susceptible depending on weather conditions, genetic engineering can create organisms that can survive intolerable conditions and live disease-free.

GMO Food

There are so many reasons to question genetic engineering. The destructive possibilities are staggering. It is not only scary to visualize a genetically spliced product sitting on our plate, but the repercussions of these foods on our physical bodies can be an even more horrific thought. Genetically engineered products are more unpredictable than chemical products; they can reproduce, mutate, and migrate. These are processes that are seen in nature. Even ecological damage is possible in relation to ‘biological pollutants’.

GMO Food 2

It has been scientifically stated that some plants, which have been altered to resist disease and viruses, have the ability to mutate the very virus it is designed to resist; viruses with this type of genetic alteration have the power to attack other plant species. It is scary to think that this very type of genetic splicing can result in a devastating ‘new’ virus or even mutated versions of a preexisting disease. It is a shame that all of these strange, and possibly destructive, end results were created in the name of mass production; it seems to be a selfish act when compared to the harmful effects it can bring upon us. We live in the age of over-production and mass assembly and in the name of “keeping-up-with” there had to be changes made. How could we expect to keep up with such high demand when a natural disaster has the ability to put that demand on hold? The only way to work around nature was to alter nature abilities. There are more genetically engineered products on the market than you may realize. Chain restaurants and common produce are number one suspects. The safest way to know-your-food is to buy only organic when and where possible. Local farmers markets and small town growers are a great way to support your healthy lifestyle. Always Know Your Food.

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