Restaurant Review: Seed Kitchen in Venice

After a nice day at the beach last Sunday, and on the way back to my car, I happened up on a new-seeming cafe in Venice Beach that appeared clean, advertised itself as staunchly organic and promised a delicious meal judging by the menu hanging in the window.

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Though the line was a bit slow, it ended up being only because the staff at the counter was very attentive to the customers, and made polite conversation with all. They apologized and thanked us for being so patient. The food that people were taking back to their tables looked excellent, which is often not the case at very healthy eating establishments.

Organic, Vegan, Macrobiotic Cuisine at Seed Kitchen

There are salads, a couple of soups, sandwiches and burgers at Seed Kitchen, and the chef appears to take himself and his work very seriously. I had a hard time cutting my BBQ Tempeh Burger in half, and made a bit of a mess with the sauce. When I asked the manager if he could have someone in the kitchen cut it in half for me, it came back freshly re-plated, cut in half and like new. The kitchen also appears to have treats, with cookies priced at $3 and really nice looking cupcakes.

Restaurant Name: Seed
Restaurant Location: 1604 Pacific Avenue, Venice, CA 90291
Link to Restaurant Site: Seed Kitchen
Restaurant Phone: 310.396.1604
Delivery, Sit-down, Takeout: Sit-down, Takeout

Description of Menu: Cafe style, organic and macrobiotic.

Description of Restaurant: Small, clean, cafe style. 2-3 outdoor tables, 2-3 indoor tables, walk up to place order and pick up food once prepared. One larger family-style table. Take out available.

Description of Service: Excellent, Very Attentive

Meal Ordered: BBQ Tempeh Burger ($10.50); House Greens Salad ($8.95); Barley Iced Tea ($2.75)

General Cost of Meal: $$ / $$$$$

Hours of Operation: 10am to 9pm Daily
Restaurant Mission Statement: “At seed we believe that food is an essential source of our energy, health and happiness. We prepare vegan, macrobiotic cuisine with no animal products, dairy, eggs, or refined sugars. We use locally grown organic produce whenever possible. In the same way that a seed provides the beginnings for a vibrant plant, the food we eat provides the beginnings for a vibrant, flourishing life.”
Restaurant Owner(s): Eric Leehasseur
Restaurant Chef(s): Eric Leehasseur

House Specialty: the Southwest Burger ($9.95) looked dynamite, and so did the Sweet Potato Fries ($4.50)

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