The Truth About Commercially Raised Cattle

One of the most important organic products to purchase is meat. No matter what type, cut, or variation of meat you prefer the importance of buying organic meat is obvious. The inescapable truth behind non-organic meat is a hard truth to accept. The average American has a vision of what a farm looks like. When we think about a cattle farm we envision fields with cattle running free, troughs of clean water, green grass for grazing as far as the eye can see.

Grass Fed Beef

The only problem with this vision is that it has been more than one hundred years since the average farm was operated in this way. The sickening truth of meat farms is the exact opposite, and a lot less appetizing than you may imagine. Thousands of cattle being prodded into metal stalls only large enough for them to stand in, as they stand in their own feces, without water, pumped with injection after injection of growth hormones, antibiotics, tetracycline, and many more. The average beef cow is fed processed grain, with animal filler, sludge/sewage pellets, and force fed toward the end of their life and prepared for sale, some cattle have even been force fed dry cement in an effort to increase their weight before sale.

There is a sickening trend among new-age farmers which does little more than concentrate on sales and figures. The more years that pass by the less humane the slaughter business becomes. Although the world will never be meat-free the description of how meat is raised and sold can be changed for the better as long as the world becomes aware of the beneficial aspects of organic farming.
The philosophy of the organic industry is simple: “provide conditions that meet the health needs and natural behavior of the animal.” When livestock are raised organically they are given special precautions not seen in factory-farming such as outdoor access, fresh air, water, sunshine, grass and pasture land, and the luxury of being fed 100% organic feed. The luxury of organic feed is just that, an ideal luxury compared to the common factory-raised cattle. Organic feed is an exclusive vegetarian diet. In nature, cows are vegetarians, but when raised in factory-farms they are fed mostly a diet of genetically altered grains, animal by-products and waste, and even fed the crushed unusable parts of their fellow cattle; this is an unnatural process of feeding vegetarian animals a carnivorous diet. Organic farms are giving livestock the treatment and healthy diet that is hard to find in today’s mass production environment.

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