Weekly Haul From the Farmer’s Market 3

Saturday Morning Shopping at the Farmer’s Market: June 15, 2012

Decided to take a little break from the Saturday morning fun on Pico and Cloverfield in Santa Monica, and return to my original neighborhood Farmer’s market off Venice Blvd. on the few blocks south down Grand View. It’s a bit small feeling, but the booths have been growing consistently over the last 6 months, and they have lots of prepared foods and a DJ, which makes it kinda’ fun.


Stocked up on some serious fruit this time, trying to take advantage of as many peaches and nectarines as one human can. Picked up some red butter lettuce, Queen Anne’s cherries before they’re gone (obviously I love those), some purple potatoes, an avocado and a red onion. Zucchini squash, garlic and a couple of apricots finished up the list.

In a word, Food.

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