Weekly Haul From the Farmer’s Market 4

Sunday Morning Shopping at the Farmer’s Market: October 19, 2012

farmers_market090608Back to my neighborhood Sunday morning Farmer’s Market on Venice Blvd. and Grand View, which is getting consistently better and better. If only my favorite lettuce people would open up a booth now! I have a feeling they’re at the prominent Santa Monica Sunday Market near the beach at Ocean Park….

Picked up some fresh roasted organically (and of course fair trade) coffee bean blend from Surf City Roasters and made some of the best java I’ve had in while with my brand spanking new Baratza Vario – a nicely constructed burr-based coffee grinder that suits my use of drip coffee but can pretty much be used for any brewing style.

The last of the apricots, plums and peaches? Maybe so. Some hummus from Baba Foods, nice garlic, onions, potatoes and avocadoes. Red beets for roasting (recipe coming soon) and zucchini. Bok choy of the baby variety and lastly some cooked potatoes. These live underneath the falling juices of the roasting chickens that are SO good I don’t even know how I managed to resist them. Maybe that hunk of parmesan saved me.

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