CSA or Community Sponsored Agriculture in Southern California

What Is a CSA?

CSAs, or Community Sponsored Agriculture programs and sponsors, ultimately end up benefiting us all in that they support local farmers in a way that is meaningful and immediate. CSA subscribers purchase what amounts to shares of a farm’s crop, purchased from the farmer who owns the land. In turn, the farmer gets help with his or her work expenses. In trade, the CSA shareholder gets a box of organic, local, freshly grown and harvested produce.

A view of JR Organics Farm

A view of JR Organics Farm

This box can be picked up at a designated location and at a specific time, according to each individual program. Currently, there are three such programs supporting local southern California farms and farmers.

Information on 3 Southern California Community Sponsored Agriculture Programs

J.R. Organics
Pickup Locations: Locations for pickup include downtown L.A., Mar Vista and Santa Monica
Phone: 714.235.3219
Website: J.R. Organics
Details: Owned by fourth-generation farmer, Joe Rodriguez, Jr. Tons of heirloom varieties of not just tomatoes, but also beets, turnips and radishes. Large variety of greens, such as chard and kale. Shares of cut flowers are included for sale, as well.

Tanaka Farms
Pickup Locations: Several locations for pickup through Los Angeles county region
Phone: 949.653.2100
Website: Tanaka Farms
Details: Located in Irvine. Known best for its watermelon and strawberry tours, primarily for children. Boxes from this CSA typically include cabbage, squash, lettuce, carrots, melons, bananas and various green vegetables. Subscribers to this program typically pick up their boxes of produce at schools after classes have ended for the day. Way to get more use out of locations too!



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