Healthy Recipes: Spicy Fish Tacos With Organic Garnish

Fish Tacos

If you’ve grown up or spent any kind of time on the west coast of California, and you have a taste for Mexican food, then you know all about fish tacos. Here is a delicious, nutritiously smart alternative that uses organic vegetables for a garnish to the classic, fresh white fish tacos. The fish is […]

Vegetarian Recipes: Vietnamese Pho for Two

vietnamese pho soup

Perfect as any hearty soup in cold weather, this Vietnamese-style Pho soup is also light enough to stand in for a perfect warm weather meal. Made with fresh organic vegetables and vegetable broth, it’s simple to put together, and can work in a pinch when you are entertaining guests or after work when you want […]

Vegetarian Recipes: How to Make Almond Pancakes

Almond Pancakes

After growing up eating my grandma’s buttermilk pancakes, I am the last person you would think could be convinced that anything else even counts as pancakes. But this is not the case. Here is a genuinely competitive recipe for classic breakfast food with a super healthy twist. Try real maple syrup, agave nectar, natural strawberry […]

Vegetarian Recipes: How to Make Raw Cashew Cheese

cashew cheese loaf

As many of you may already know, soaking and re-hydrating nuts makes them easier on your digestive process. When you are making a raw food product like cashew cheese, pre-soaking the nuts also makes them softer, allowing for easier blending. There is a bit of planning involved with this recipe, as the cheese must set […]