Orange Flavored Biscotti


Recipe for Orange Biscotti We made these in the kitchen this year for Christmas cookies. Just about cleared the entire batch before we had a chance to wrap them up and make Christmas gifts for co-workers out of them! They’re excellent for dipping in your morning cup of coffee, or for an after-dinner dessert that’s […]

Asparagus With Garlic and Lemon


Cooking a Basic Vegetable for Dinner: Asparagus With Garlic and Lemon It isn’t always easy to put together a complete meal, whether it’s for yourself after work at night, or for a small group. Either way, easy vegetable recipes help out a lot, especially in a pinch. I’m not even going to kid you on […]

Healthy Recipes: Daikon, Broccoli and Fennel Soup


For soup lovers, vegetarian soup recipes are like food gold. This is a perfect soup recipe, as it’s ideal for all weathers — hearty enough for cold, winter meals and just light enough for warmer weather, too. Using organic produce from your local farmer’s market, you can put together a meal that is super healthy, […]

Vegetarian Recipes: High Essential Fat Salad

Avacado Salad

It can’t be said enough, and anyone who is a fan will surely sound off for the benefits of them — avocados are a deliciously healthy element that should be included in everyone’s diet. The mono-unsaturated fat found in avocados is healthy for the heart, as it helps to raise levels of “good” cholesterol (HDL), […]