What Is Cacao?

Cacao Tree

Understanding Super Foods: Cacao and Real Chocolate Cacao is responsible for that far too delicious food group we know as chocolate, but in reality, it’s a lot more. In fact, in its purest form, it has health benefits that most people truly have no idea about whatsoever. So what exactly is it? What Is It? […]

Trouble With Digesting Nuts

Mixed Nuts

Salting, roasting, toasting, soaking — what helps, what hinders and why do so many people have problems with eating nuts? Here is a step by step breakdown of the digestive process, and how nuts are impacted by one’s digestive system. How Digestion Breaks Down Nuts in Stages Roughly a three-stage process, digestion begins in the […]

Eating Raw: Re-Hydrating Nuts


Eating raw is not as difficult or as complicated as one might imagine. Greens, nuts and fruits all make for quick and easy snacks. Not everyone’s digestion is the same, however, and eating dried foods can be difficult for some. Likewise, mixing dried fruits and nuts in the same snack time can spell troubles for […]