Apple Cider Vineger Cocktail

Apple Cider Cocktail

Many of us are trying to live a healthier lifestyle these days. Concerning dieting and eating, a number of our goals are most likely shared. Immune system support, smooth digestion, ph balance, removal of toxins, relief of muscle pain, etc. – chances are, all of us would put these items on our short list of […]

Purchasing a Coffee Grinder

coffee grinder

While many people may believe that the best results of a good coffee or espresso drink has to do with the brewing method or espresso machine, this is not the case. In fact, one of the most important purchases you can make to ensure that your beverages turn out well is the coffee grinder. In […]

Choosing a Premium Coffeemaker

Choosing a Premium Coffeemaker

Although Mr. Coffee is probably a pretty nice guy, he just isn’t suitable for folks who want a premium at-home coffee experience. Coffee connoisseurs may not always be interested in a fancy espresso drink. Sometimes they simply want a lovely cup of coffee made from a fine bean which has been brewed well. A premium […]

Have Your Cup and Drink It Too!

organic coffee

Support Small Farmers and the Environment – Drink Organic Coffee Why should one pay a premium for organic, and often times fair trade certified coffee? Although the roasting process eliminates most chemical residue within the beans, protection of the land and soil, the support of small farmsteads, and the safety of farmers and people within […]

The Switch to Organic Wine


We are all aware of the organic revolution that has overtaken most of the country, involving organically-grown food and body products. This has begun to transfer over into many different realms, including the wine market — a product that some may have assumed difficult to make organically. However, the new health boom that is taking […]